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  • The Garou War Force

    The Amazon War is, by necessity, more organized than most of the Nation and maintains a strict chain of command complete with ranks and officers. h2. High War Chieftain The leader is the High War Chieftain. The [[War Council]] has representatives …

  • War Council

    The War Council runs the war, whenever it's not just [[Golgol Fangs-First]] running the war. The most senior member of each tribe has a seat, with occasional challenges between candidates for the job. The only tribe not represented are the Bone Gnawers …

  • North Ward

    The North Ward is the ward stationed at [[Hollow Heart Caern]]. The ward's war chieftain is also the high war chieftain of the whole shebang, [[Golgol Fangs-First]]. The ward's moons are [[High Mountain Moon]] and [[Dark Foe Moon]].