The Garou War Force

The Amazon War is, by necessity, more organized than most of the Nation and maintains a strict chain of command complete with ranks and officers.

High War Chieftain

The leader is the High War Chieftain. The War Council has representatives from every tribe but one, and debates the course of action, but it is ultimately the Chieftain who decides what they will do.
The High War Chieftain is Golgol Fangs-First.


The forces are divided into Wards: The North Ward at Hollow Heart Caern and the South Ward at Sky River Caern.
The leader of a Ward is a War Chieftain.


Each Ward is composed of two Moons: High Mountain Moon and Dark Foe Moon in the North, and Red Sky Moon and Dread Claw Moon in the South. The two Wargs stationed at Ranch Apocalypse compose a small moon called, intuitively, Apocalypse Moon.
The leader of a Moon is a War Leader.


Each Moon is made up of several Wargs, which are in turn composed of 3 packs.
A Warg leader is called its Battle Master.
Wargs are formally named after the Battle Master’s pack, but more commonly just called [Name]’s Warg.


The hierarchy organizes packs by job: War, Guardian, or Borzoi (scout). The composition of pack types in a Warg gives you a good idea of its purpose.

The Garou War Force

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